Mikris Finishers Ltd in Stonehouse have the resources & skills to restore a variety of auto and domestic items.

Domestic and vehicle refurbishments.

A repaint or professional finish can rejuvenate a bicycle frame or fireplace for a fraction of the cost of replacing it with a new one. We have the equipment in house & over 50 years experience to restore just about anything.

Bicycle Frames and forks

These are Methylene Chloride vapor stripped, masked to protect threads etc. Grit blasted then powder coated in your choice of colour. We can apply decals and mask off sections to do different colours, add coach lines and of course lacquer over the decals for added protection.

 Motorcycle Frames: 

These are Methylene Chloride vapor degreased to remove grease and paint with out getting corrosive chemicals inside the tube work of the frame. Then grit blasted to remove any old paint and corrosion, masked to protect threads and bearing housings and finished in a high quality durable polyester powder coating.

Car & Motor cycle wheels: 

We chemically strip to remove old paint, grit blast and rub down to remove most kerb marks. We can get them welded to build up low spots from excessive kerbing and powder coated in a high quality polyester powder.

Car & trailor chassis:

We can refurbish many types of chassis. They are degreased, masked to protect threads etc during the blasting process.  Grit blasted to remove old paint & corrosion. At this point if we notice any cracked or broken welds a repair can be arranged. Remasked after blasting where nessesary, zinc phosphate primed and either polyester powder coated or a 2 pack finish to give a corrosion resistant and durable finish.

Cast iron fireplaces:

These have to be handled with great care due to the delicate nature of old cast iron. They are degreased and grit blasted to remove any old paint & corrosion, then powder coated or painted in a heat resistant paint.

Gates, railings & garden furniture: 

These are chemically stripped, grit blasted, zinc phosphate primed or 2 pack etch primed on ally to promote a life long adhesion and either polyester powder coated or painted in a 2 pack finish, depending on size and colour choice.

Cast iron radiators: 

Old radiators have to be handled with care to prevent damage to the seals. They would be Methylene Chloride vapor stripped, the threads would be masked prior to grit blasting. Then either polyester powder coated or painted in a 2 pack finish, depending on your colour choice.
New radiators are either polyester powder coated or painted in a 2 pack finish, depending on your colour choice.

Cam and rocker covers:

These will be degreased, chemically stripped and bead blasted on the inside if you wish. Then grit blasted on the outside, masked around the seal face and breathers to stop the powder from going inside the engine. We offer a choice of colours and textures, ask about our “crinkled look” its very popular. We can also linish back the raised areas to create a more detailed look.

Special orders and one off projects:


As the names suggests we would discuss these with you to find out exactly what it is you are looking to achieve. From a pair of spectacle frames to a Phantom jet engine. We discuss your project with you. Find out what preparation would be required and the best protective coatings for where the finished item is going to be displayed or used.

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